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Our Health Mission

 Thank you for your interest in HealthShare!
Through the combined efforts of Butler County, LifeSpan, and HORAN, the HealthShare program has been introduced as an affordable health insurance solution for the working uninsured employed in Butler County.
HealthShare is a limited medical program whose benefits are intended to build a healthy community on a foundation of basic, routine and preventive care.  This program is unique to Butler County and includes the following provisions:

  • available to all eligible employees including full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary staff.
  • guaranteed issue regardless of employer size; even sole proprietors.
  • contains no pre-existing condition clause.
  • contains no deductibles.
  • involves no medical underwriting.
  • allows the freedom to choose your own provider.
  • offers prescription drug discounts at participating pharmacies.
  • rates range from $76/single per month to $187/family per month.
  • guaranteed rates until September 2010.

The program is intended to provide a healthcare solution to employees who cannot afford one or are not enrolled in a major medical plan.  HealthShare IS NOT intended to replace your major medical policy and DOES NOT provide catastrophic benefits.

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